Tuesday, April 11, 2017

L'ascension et la Chute

I made this painting for a local gallery show.  It is reversible so it can be hung in two different ways.

 This is the lines on the wood.  The lines are in copic marker.

 Some painting progress...

 More painting progress.  I had trouble with the darker skin tones as the wood kept getting too damp when I was applying them which resulted in the paint coming off, exposing the wood underneath.

 Each side of the painting.  Click for larger viewing.

This is the finished piece.

I used wood, acrylic paints and a copic marker.  I then sprayed the piece with a fixative to seal the acrylic paint.  This is the second time I have painted acrylics onto wood.

The crowns are actually painted in a metallic coloured paint that is shiny in person but did not translate in the photos.

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