Thursday, January 12, 2017

Drawing I Class Projects

     I took a drawing class last semester (Fall 2016). I had never taken n art class before and it seemed like a fun 3 credit class.  Here are my projects through out the semester.

      ABOVE: Hand and Foot drawings were the homework for the first day of class.
*The little finger on the hand is not a mistake

     ABOVE:  Figure Sketch practice on my own...

      ABOVE: Figure sketch homework.  I used my husband posing in weird ways to do my quick figure sketches.

      ABOVE:  In class projects.  Each still life bulk sketch or continuous line drawing, etc is timed, so we can learn to draw a large amount of content quickly.  The single line drawing on the right is one single line.  The pencil is never removed from the paper.

      ABOVE:  The first big project was a blind portrait, including at least 5 objects.  You have to draw without looking at the paper.  That is why it looks kind of awful.  My objects (Many of which are repeated) are a fob watch, a book, a suitcase and a reading glass (Magnifier/monocle).

      ABOVE:  Sorry, this is sideways... It is the second project which was a still life that used accurate proportions.  It didn't have to be shaded, but as it was an option, I went ahead and did so.

      ABOVE:  Homework was to make a shading gradient... There was a name for this but I can't recall what it was, sorry.

      ABOVE:  The next big project was in charcoal.  The whole paper is covered in a layer of charcoal then you add more for shadow and remove some for light.  It is a still life using objects from class.  I found some of the weirder stuff to keep me from getting bored.  However, some of my objects kept being taken by other students before I was done drawing them which as frustrating.  I also learned from this that white charcoal (Which I used for highlight) and spray on sealer do not mix...  Almost all of the white charcoal deteriorated when it was sprayed to keep from smudging...
     I did name the piece... I called it A Bird in the Hand is Worth a Baby in the Mouth

      ABOVE: Homework was just free drawing so I decided to try out my new skin tone pastels I bought from a craft store.  It is Flynn from Disney's Tangled.  I used coloured pencils for the hair.

      ABOVE:  The first picture I have ever drawn in my life!  Acrylics, including fluorescent glowing ones and some glow in the dark gel stuff.  It was a bit rushed since I was only given this project because I finished my other work before everyone else (This happened for every project by the way... I had a lot of in class free time...  Maybe I draw too fast...).  I wish I would have had a bit more time to work on it.  The face is so flat.  It needed a lot more depth.
     The project was a Day of the Dead painting for an exhibit.
      ABOVE:  Sideways again?... Really?...  My first ever watercolour painting was done in class.  We had to walk down a trail and sketch out something we saw and use watercolours in some way.  We also had to use at least one method of shading from the 4 available: Stipple, Hatch, Cross Hatch, Scribble.  I had about 30 minutes to do this.  Apparently I used all the forms of shading without realising it.  The sun glare bothers me though...  Oh well...  It was still fun.

      ABOVE:  The next big project was a varied line still life using accurate proportions and collage and some form of shading from the given options: Hatching, Cross Hatching, Stippling or Scribble shading.  I decided to set up my own still life at home this time because that way no one would take or move my objects.  I also made the collage materiel by writing a Doctor Who diary page in pen then aging the paper using watercolour paint and coffee staining techniques.  I then cut out the middle of the page and glued it over my still life (Which was done in graphite pencil).

      ABOVE:  The finished project.  This was the only project I actually liked enough to keep for myself.  I plan to frame it and put it on my wall.  Also, in case you didn't notice, it is a Doctor Who themed still life.

     ABOVE:  The second to last project was a portrait using something other than paper.  What we chose had to have texture as well.  So I painted a piece of wood with acrylic paints.  We were also told it didn't have to be realistic.  It also had to create a mood with the colour, shading and texture.

      ABOVE:  The finished piece.  I glued on some gears as well.  I also glued an arrow on that looked a bit like clock hands (I wasn't able to find actual clock hands).  This, since I had time to really focus on it, unlike the last painting, is what I consider my first acrylic painting.  I was able to experiment and see what worked and what didn't.  It was a learning experience and I actually really enjoyed it.  The colours are more vivid in person but I wasn't able to get a decent photo...  I ended up giving it to my husband.  It's sitting in the corner of the basement.  I don't think it's ever going to be hung up but that's fine.

      ABOVE:  The last project was to draw a paper bag and create a 3D realism to it.  I finished mine really quickly...  I ripped and crumpled the bag to give it a more interesting look.  If I hadn't, I think I could have finished it in about 30 minutes.  It was pretty fun... not difficult (Not that it's perfect, but it is my first attempt), just time consuming.  I left it in the class (I never took it home).  I didn't need to take home a drawing of a crumpled bag... It would have just been recycled like most of my other pieces.

      ABOVE:  Another graphite drawing using cross hatching (I should have sharpened the pencil, because the hatch lines are a bit smudgy).  We had to go to the local museum and draw something from it.  It has a lot of imperfections but I think it turned out pretty well.

     ABOVE:  Homework due the last day of class was a varied line portrait of someone (3 people actually.  this is just one).

     And that is everything from my drawing class.  I wont be taking any more since my degree isn't in visual art.  However, I am glad I took one.

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