Sunday, April 23, 2017

Old Draw My Life Frames

A few years back I did a Draw My Life video.  These are some of the frames from the video.  The video itself has been privatised so you can no longer view it.  It was getting too much attention of the wrong kind.  I am not a fan of pity and I am by no means an inspirational figure.  But as these frames were sitting on my hard drive I thought I would go ahead and post them here.  Sorry, no explanation for the frames.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Cat's Meow: Mixed Medium Water Colour

 Above you can see some of the process.  I used acrylic paper, pencil, ink pen, coloured pencils and water colour paints.  This is my first time experimenting with acrylic paper.

This is the finished work in a frame.  It was on display at a local gallery for a day.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

L'ascension et la Chute

I made this painting for a local gallery show.  It is reversible so it can be hung in two different ways.

 This is the lines on the wood.  The lines are in copic marker.

 Some painting progress...

 More painting progress.  I had trouble with the darker skin tones as the wood kept getting too damp when I was applying them which resulted in the paint coming off, exposing the wood underneath.

 Each side of the painting.  Click for larger viewing.

This is the finished piece.

I used wood, acrylic paints and a copic marker.  I then sprayed the piece with a fixative to seal the acrylic paint.  This is the second time I have painted acrylics onto wood.

The crowns are actually painted in a metallic coloured paint that is shiny in person but did not translate in the photos.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Mark of Oxin Poster

I was inspired to draw this after watching a Youtube Video by AmazingPhil.  I haven't drawn 'anime style' for quite some time so please forgive the rubbish quality.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bonnie Wee Prince Book Pages

I am working on a children's book.  These are a few of the pages I made (Without the text on them).

Doctor Who Water Colour

I decided to practice using water colours.  I am still learning and only have a cheap children's basic water colour set.  I am practicing mixing colours to get the hues I need.

I realise it's a bit rubbish, but still...  I thought I would post it.  Perhaps in the future I will be much better and I can look back on this to measure my progress.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Charcoal Portraits (Doctor Who Actors)

These are some charcoal portraits I did of actors from the classic and new Doctor Who television program.  Some of these came out better than others.

ABOVE: Capaldi, the 12th Doctor.  I am not happy with how he came out.

ABOVE: Barrowman was a companion on Doctor Who and the lead actor in Torchwood.  He came out pretty well, I think.

ABOVE: Tennant played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor though I drew him more in the style of Broadchurch.  I rather like how he came out.

ABOVE: McCoy is the seventh Doctor.  Again I am unhappy with how he came out.

ABOVE:  The work in progress of the second Doctor.

ABOVE: Troughton as the second Doctor.  I rather like this one.  Though his eyes are still wrong.

ABOVE:  An absolutely horrible drawing of Moffett as Jenny, the Doctor's daughter.  I feel bad for drawing her so poorly.  Especially the nose.

ABOVE:  Lastly an attempt to draw multiple characters at once.  It did not turn out as I would have liked.  Again, I failed at drawing Georgia Moffett correctly.  Gomex and Coleman are mediocre at best.  I really need to improve my charcoal drawing ability.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Bill is the new Doctor Who companion for series 10 of the Doctor Who reboot.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Meowth Sketches

     Last semester I had to give a presentation where I showed everyone how to draw something.  With Pokemon Go being popular I decided to pick a Pokemon.  They are simple and seemed relevant.  Meowth is my favourite so I chose him.

      I spent the week practicing drawing him so I could draw him quickly without a reference.  I also had to figure out his proportions, so I needed to practice that as well.

     The class white board during my presentation.  I didn't get full marks on the assignment, but I did get an A.  I got nervous and started going way too fast.  That always happens...  I should work on that.

Drawing I Class Projects

     I took a drawing class last semester (Fall 2016). I had never taken n art class before and it seemed like a fun 3 credit class.  Here are my projects through out the semester.

      ABOVE: Hand and Foot drawings were the homework for the first day of class.
*The little finger on the hand is not a mistake

     ABOVE:  Figure Sketch practice on my own...

      ABOVE: Figure sketch homework.  I used my husband posing in weird ways to do my quick figure sketches.

      ABOVE:  In class projects.  Each still life bulk sketch or continuous line drawing, etc is timed, so we can learn to draw a large amount of content quickly.  The single line drawing on the right is one single line.  The pencil is never removed from the paper.

      ABOVE:  The first big project was a blind portrait, including at least 5 objects.  You have to draw without looking at the paper.  That is why it looks kind of awful.  My objects (Many of which are repeated) are a fob watch, a book, a suitcase and a reading glass (Magnifier/monocle).

      ABOVE:  Sorry, this is sideways... It is the second project which was a still life that used accurate proportions.  It didn't have to be shaded, but as it was an option, I went ahead and did so.

      ABOVE:  Homework was to make a shading gradient... There was a name for this but I can't recall what it was, sorry.

      ABOVE:  The next big project was in charcoal.  The whole paper is covered in a layer of charcoal then you add more for shadow and remove some for light.  It is a still life using objects from class.  I found some of the weirder stuff to keep me from getting bored.  However, some of my objects kept being taken by other students before I was done drawing them which as frustrating.  I also learned from this that white charcoal (Which I used for highlight) and spray on sealer do not mix...  Almost all of the white charcoal deteriorated when it was sprayed to keep from smudging...
     I did name the piece... I called it A Bird in the Hand is Worth a Baby in the Mouth

      ABOVE: Homework was just free drawing so I decided to try out my new skin tone pastels I bought from a craft store.  It is Flynn from Disney's Tangled.  I used coloured pencils for the hair.

      ABOVE:  The first picture I have ever drawn in my life!  Acrylics, including fluorescent glowing ones and some glow in the dark gel stuff.  It was a bit rushed since I was only given this project because I finished my other work before everyone else (This happened for every project by the way... I had a lot of in class free time...  Maybe I draw too fast...).  I wish I would have had a bit more time to work on it.  The face is so flat.  It needed a lot more depth.
     The project was a Day of the Dead painting for an exhibit.
      ABOVE:  Sideways again?... Really?...  My first ever watercolour painting was done in class.  We had to walk down a trail and sketch out something we saw and use watercolours in some way.  We also had to use at least one method of shading from the 4 available: Stipple, Hatch, Cross Hatch, Scribble.  I had about 30 minutes to do this.  Apparently I used all the forms of shading without realising it.  The sun glare bothers me though...  Oh well...  It was still fun.

      ABOVE:  The next big project was a varied line still life using accurate proportions and collage and some form of shading from the given options: Hatching, Cross Hatching, Stippling or Scribble shading.  I decided to set up my own still life at home this time because that way no one would take or move my objects.  I also made the collage materiel by writing a Doctor Who diary page in pen then aging the paper using watercolour paint and coffee staining techniques.  I then cut out the middle of the page and glued it over my still life (Which was done in graphite pencil).

      ABOVE:  The finished project.  This was the only project I actually liked enough to keep for myself.  I plan to frame it and put it on my wall.  Also, in case you didn't notice, it is a Doctor Who themed still life.

     ABOVE:  The second to last project was a portrait using something other than paper.  What we chose had to have texture as well.  So I painted a piece of wood with acrylic paints.  We were also told it didn't have to be realistic.  It also had to create a mood with the colour, shading and texture.

      ABOVE:  The finished piece.  I glued on some gears as well.  I also glued an arrow on that looked a bit like clock hands (I wasn't able to find actual clock hands).  This, since I had time to really focus on it, unlike the last painting, is what I consider my first acrylic painting.  I was able to experiment and see what worked and what didn't.  It was a learning experience and I actually really enjoyed it.  The colours are more vivid in person but I wasn't able to get a decent photo...  I ended up giving it to my husband.  It's sitting in the corner of the basement.  I don't think it's ever going to be hung up but that's fine.

      ABOVE:  The last project was to draw a paper bag and create a 3D realism to it.  I finished mine really quickly...  I ripped and crumpled the bag to give it a more interesting look.  If I hadn't, I think I could have finished it in about 30 minutes.  It was pretty fun... not difficult (Not that it's perfect, but it is my first attempt), just time consuming.  I left it in the class (I never took it home).  I didn't need to take home a drawing of a crumpled bag... It would have just been recycled like most of my other pieces.

      ABOVE:  Another graphite drawing using cross hatching (I should have sharpened the pencil, because the hatch lines are a bit smudgy).  We had to go to the local museum and draw something from it.  It has a lot of imperfections but I think it turned out pretty well.

     ABOVE:  Homework due the last day of class was a varied line portrait of someone (3 people actually.  this is just one).

     And that is everything from my drawing class.  I wont be taking any more since my degree isn't in visual art.  However, I am glad I took one.