Thursday, August 6, 2015

Custom Shoes

Drawing On My Shoes
     A few weeks ago I got a air of plain white canvas shoes from Micheal's for about 6USD.  I had always wanted to draw on a pair of shoes.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to draw on them... Lady Loki and Lady Thor!
     First I made a digital drawing of what I wanted the design to look off and then I used that as a reference.  I cut out the pencil middle man and drew the outline in a Sharpie marker fine tip.  I was going to use pencil, but it wasn't working out, so I went all in!  Double or nothing!
     Now, I purchased some fabric markers but I was not able to find all of the colours I wanted.  So to make up for colours I didn't have, I used my Copic markers (For things like skin).
     After colouring, I went back over the outline for each section.  If you plan to do this, wait for a colour to dry before using another colour that will touch that colour.  I had an issue with bleeding when I was using black and yellow near each other, but didn't wait for the yellow to dry.
     I can't get these wet because they are likely to smudge.  I can't put waterproofing on them because I didn't stick to fabric markers.  I read that Copics will smear if you try that.  So I will just avoid wearing these on rainy days.
     Below are photos of the process of customizing my shoes.

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  1. Nice! Great job. I drew wolverine on some leather sneakers a while ago, forgot I had them on and went to Walmart. I was looking at cds and turned around to find a crowd surrounding me asking where I had gotten my shoes from.